Frida Kahlo


I’m embarrassed by my old self. Like myself but 24 hours ago

I wish every woman had the pen, the clear view, and the support she needs to scream, ‘What happened to me was not my fault.’
Staceyann Chin (via wrists)
Me when I meet a new person: please don't say anything homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, misogynistic, sex-shamey or body-shamey I really want to like you


lol men are so egotistical, always framing feminism as a hatred of men rather than compassion for women

society demands women be sexy and beautiful in order to take up space, a woman freely consents to being sexualised/objectified in a society where most women are not consenting to this treatment, and people go bat shit crazy about it. How much of the criticism of Miley’s overt display of sexuality is about misogyny and the disgust most people harbour for women who flip the passive, sexual, virgin-with-a-naughty-non-threatening-sexual-side persona around. Miley is in control and aggressive about her sexuality, which is something that angers people immensely.